Together, we can end slavery…once again.

JAMMING up child trafficking and slavery by mobilizing the arts to CREATE awareness and involvement for the highly-accountable SUPPORT of well-vetted specialists engaged in front-line trafficking prevention, rescue and restoration programs. Learn more or Donate


CREATING involvement through arts and entertainment. In their worse form, the visual and performing arts can help fuel trafficking and slavery. Often used as a sign of protest and petition for change, though, the arts also typically lead the charge to educate and inspire people to get involved to make a difference in their world. TRAFFIC JAM works with artists of all genres – musicians, actors, painters, photographers, athletes, fashion designers and many more – to leverage their influence on fans and followers for a Justice Arts Movement (JAM) that shakes the very foundations of modern-day slavery. Read more ›

Supporting Front-Line Specialists

Unlike typical charitable models that often send funds through multiple parties, each taking out their own “cut” along the way, TRAFFIC JAM sends partner contributions directly to the front-line specialists involved in the real work of trafficking prevention, rescue and restoration programs. TRAFFIC JAM’s core competencies include the vetting out of these front-line partners in accordance with strict due diligence processes, ongoing high-accountability systems for partner integrity and transparency, and the sharing of comprehensive “best practices” with partners for more positive outcomes and greater overall impact.


Working with artists and celebrities, informing opinion leaders and cultural influencers, and working with legislative and judicial political processes.


Working in orphanages in Moldova, plus providing transitional homes for girls aging out of orphanages. Skills development programs in India (tailoring) and Cambodia. Street children in Nepal.


Releasing girls from brothels in India and Thailand, freeing child soldiers from military units in central Africa, and rescuing child drug mules in Mexico.

Aftercare & Restoration

Rescue homes and skills programs in Cambodia (salons, jewelry work), transitional care in Turkey.

Trafficking. The Facts.


Over 25 million people are enslaved throughout the world today. Of those 80% are women and 50% are children.


The trafficking and sale of human beings is the fastest growing criminal industry and is predicted to soon overtake drug trafficking as the #1 crime in the world. Read more ›

Jamming it up. Our progress.


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